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Karen’s Chestnut Flour and Honey Rosemary Cake with Pine Nuts

Good ole Kaz again.  It’s starting to get creepy, I know..

I made this unusual cake tonight and the flavour’s kinda hard to explain.  The chestnut flour gives a lovely full, rich flavour and the rosemary gives it some savouriness (?) but it’s good alright.  I thought it wouldn’t be something the kids would come at, but they both loved it.  I served the kids with a dollop of yoghurt and drizzled with honey and ours with crème fraîche.  You only need a small piece, so it’ll last the week, which is great.READ MORE


Black Pepper, Rosemary & Fennel Biscotti

So I made these two days ago for the first time and they are AMAZING!  The savoury black pepper and rosemary go so so well with the sweet raisins (I used sultanas) and the almonds.  The fennel isn’t for everyone, I know, but you could easily leave it out or reduce the amount to half or a quarter.  Served with a strong gooey cheese (D’Affinois) and some fresh apricot it was O.M.G. Yum – a great little dessert, giving the sweets a break for one night at least!  READ MORE