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Jo’s Kumura & Bacon Salad

We’ve recently made some lovely new friends from NZ.  It’s kinda rare to make genuine new connections at this age with the daily hustle often getting in the way, but the kids have brought us together with some lovely new peeps of late.  It’s a real joy to find new souls to share in the many excitements and dramas that come with family life and to gain new insights and perspectives along the way.  Of course, one of the inevitable highlights of time spent with friends is food, and we have been very lucky to gain this amazing new potato salad recipe!READ MORE


Mexican chowder

What a freezer we’re having this winter.  I can’t remember these sub-zero temperatures so consistently throughout the cold season before.  Certainly inspiration to whip up some belly warming soups.  This is a variation on a recipe I found on the Good Food site.  The kids would have loved it had I not accidentally used hot paprika instead of smoked or sweet.  Oops.  We thought it was delicious and definitely cleared our heads.  Enjoy with some good bread and loads of butter of course.READ MORE


Karen’s Chestnut Flour and Honey Rosemary Cake with Pine Nuts

Good ole Kaz again.  It’s starting to get creepy, I know..

I made this unusual cake tonight and the flavour’s kinda hard to explain.  The chestnut flour gives a lovely full, rich flavour and the rosemary gives it some savouriness (?) but it’s good alright.  I thought it wouldn’t be something the kids would come at, but they both loved it.  I served the kids with a dollop of yoghurt and drizzled with honey and ours with crème fraîche.  You only need a small piece, so it’ll last the week, which is great.READ MORE


Karen’s Black Pepper, Walnut and Cumin-stuffed Chicken roasted with Pumpkin

Karen, Karen, Karen.  She never fails me and I love her.  Another winner flavour combo and simple to make.  I mean, you’ve gotta love a roast on a Sunday night, shove it in the oven and wait.  But this, with the walnut pesto and enough butter to please Julia Childs stuffed under the skin, is on another level entirely.


Poh’s Hainanese Chicken Rice

Well, it’s been a long while between posts… Somewhere along the way I got a bit distracted with other things, but we’re still cookin’ here, so it’s about time I put up some of the dishes we’ve been tucking into of late.  This first one is simply put, Asian comfort food.  Hainanese chicken rice is a dish adapted from early Chinese immigrants originally from the Hainan province in southern China and is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore, although it’s popular across Asia, with Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam all having their own versions.  Make sure you have time on your side, this is not a dish you can throw together at 4 o’clock on a Sunday arvo.  Like all good things, it takes a little time, but is simple enough to make.READ MORE