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Karen’s Chestnut Flour and Honey Rosemary Cake with Pine Nuts

Good ole Kaz again.  It’s starting to get creepy, I know..

I made this unusual cake tonight and the flavour’s kinda hard to explain.  The chestnut flour gives a lovely full, rich flavour and the rosemary gives it some savouriness (?) but it’s good alright.  I thought it wouldn’t be something the kids would come at, but they both loved it.  I served the kids with a dollop of yoghurt and drizzled with honey and ours with crème fraîche.  You only need a small piece, so it’ll last the week, which is great.READ MORE


Homemade Toasted Muesli

I never used to eat breakfast – the thought of food first thing in the morning just didn’t do it for me.  I had to get to work, have my coffee and then think about something to eat.  Things change though.  Once I was pregnant with the boy I was ravenous and needed something in the morning to keep the morning sickness at bay.  The habit of breakfast has since carried on.  READ MORE


Melomakarona tis Giagia (Giagia’s honey syrup biscuits)

I love this time of year, so many delicious flavours flying around in the lead up to the big day.  We have an amazing array of biscuits here at our place right now, some cooked in-house and others delivered from friends and family.  To me, melomakarona are the golden child of Greek biscuits.  My mother in law (Giagia) only makes them at Christmas and Easter.  When I was dating Pete and first tasted these, I just knew I had to marry into this family!READ MORE


Melopita (honey cake)

Sometimes I can’t get ricotta at the deli and end up having to buy a whole kilo from the cheese fridge at the supermarket.  If you find yourself with way too much ricotta, this is a great way to use it up.  It’s a really quick, easy and delicious little Greek cheese cake that’s kind of like a flan.  The cinnamon and honey add a great twist.  READ MORE