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Baked Cannelloni with Spinach, Ricotta, Feta and Bocconcini

We recently had a little holiday at the beach and had a night off to go out for dinner, just Pete and me.  We went to a local Italian, very simple but lovely homemade fare.  I had cannelloni, which was absolutely delish.  Interestingly, instead of  pasta, they used crepes, which I’d never seen before.  Anyhoo, it gave me the cannelloni bug and I whipped this up for dinner the other day.READ MORE


Leftover Turkey Pasta

A face only a mother could love…  It’s the same post-Christmas each year – a heap of leftover ham, turkey, cranberry sauce, etc etc.  Great if you want to avoid cooking for a few days, or if you’re up for it, turn it into something else.  Today I borrowed some ideas from a gnocchi recipe in Valli Little’s new cookbook, Delicious – Love to Eat (a Chrissy present from my parents) and turned our leftover turkey into a yummy pasta without even having to go to the shops.  READ MORE