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Raw Carrot and Beetroot Salad

This is a lovely fresh salad, which goes with just about anything really.  The earthy beetroot is great raw with the lemon and it’s really healthy.  A good one for all ages (if you leave out chilli or add it at the table for the grown ups) it’s another Karen Martini fave.  She pairs it with spicy fried lamb mince and a chickpea puree.  I reckon it would be good with roast chicken or schnitzel, lamb cutlets or pan fried fish.  READ MORE

Balsamic aging barrels

Beetroot and Balsamic Relish

I haven’t made this relish for ages.  For a while there, it was something everyone received for Christmas, but I have moved on to olives and sweet things in recent years.  That said, this is a delicious little accompaniment to cold meats, perfect on the table on Christmas Day with turkey and ham and great for sandwiches too.  READ MORE