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Balsamic aging barrels

Beetroot and Balsamic Relish

I haven’t made this relish for ages.  For a while there, it was something everyone received for Christmas, but I have moved on to olives and sweet things in recent years.  That said, this is a delicious little accompaniment to cold meats, perfect on the table on Christmas Day with turkey and ham and great for sandwiches too.  READ MORE

Israeli market

Sophia’s Israeli Salad

My good friend Sophia first gave me this recipe.  She’s a great food related resource and I always tell her what we’re having for dinner!  The boy loves his salad and the Israeli kind gets a regular run at our place.  You can mix it up anyway you like – add fennel, spring onions, radishes – anything crunchy will work well as long as it’s finely diced.READ MORE