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Bread & Butter Pudding with Leftover Tsoureki

Well, if you’re Greek, this time of year you might have a bit of leftover tsoureki lying around.  Of course it’s delicious toasted, but especially fab in a bread and butter pud.  For those not schooled in all things Hellenic, tsoureki is a sweet bread traditionally made around Greek Easter.  You’d probably recognise the knotted loaf cradling red dyed eggs celebrating this important date on the Greek calendar.  The bread is a little like a brioche, quite sweet and lemony and flavoured with cardamom or mastic.  I’m the only one in our household who likes it so there’s usually leftovers.  It is so yummy lightly toasted with butter and jam, but if you’ve got a bit, it makes the BEST bread and butter pudding.  For a more adult option, you could soak the sultanas in some warmed brandy.  Anyhoo, here it is – fairly reflective of our household, British and Greek all rolled into one!



½ cup sultanas

3 large eggs

300ml cream (single, thickened or double – whatever you’ve got)

300ml milk

¼ cup caster sugar

½ tsp orange zest (you might want to leave this out if the tsoureki is particularly lemony)

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

½ tsp ground cinnamon

8-10 1½cm-thick slices of tsoureki

60g soft butter, plus extra for greasing

1 tbsp demerara sugar

To serve: icing sugar and vanilla ice-cream or cream



Grease a 1 litre capacity oven safe pudding dish with butter.

Combine eggs, cream, milk, caster sugar, orange rind and vanilla in a jug.  Whisk vigorously to combine and set aside.

Spread one side of the tsoureki slices with butter. Trim slices to fit dish and layer in two layers, sprinkling with cinnamon and scattering sultanas between each layer.  Pour the cream mixture evenly over bread slices and stand until bread has completely absorbed cream mixture (about an hour).

Preheat the oven to 180C.  Scatter demerara sugar over the pudding and bake until golden and custard is firm (30-40 minutes).  Serve immediately or at room temperature, lightly dusted with icing sugar, and with scoops of vanilla ice-cream or cream.  Yum.

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Serves 6

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